Do you dream about changing the world? That seemingly impossible vision was the basis of Spirit Moxie.

When we were playing with names for this vision, I remembered driving on a flat tire through rural Indiana to hear my then favorite band, Moxie Fruvous (which is unfortunately no longer together).

After I went to the concert and got home safely, I decided I had

a guardian angel that liked concerts!


I was telling that story, just because it's a good story, over a glass of wine, to my mentor as we were exploring my dreams and looking for

a name for this project. "Spirit Moxie!" she exclaimed.  And it was just right. Spirit for, well, The Spirit, your spirit, my spirit, the spontaneous energy that comes to life through creation. And Moxie. Partly to honor my beloved band and partly for the verve and spunk, the daring, implied in "moxie." And so, Spirit Moxie was christened and has since continued to grow.


It's a simple premise: that together we can make the world work. When you talk to people, they often seem discouraged because they think change will take years and years or that what they do won't matter. But the truth is, we can make a difference.


It works like this: chaos and the chaotic are seen as negative, but I'm proposing that it can also be positive. We just don't notice it as much. And it is from that place of chaos that creativity happens, and hope

is revealed. Chaos results when something disrupts a regular pattern. So, one way we can encourage positive chaos is to form the positive critical mass that makes that disruption possible. This isn't something we do alone. It is only together that the mass of little things add up.

So let's get going. Apparently there are angels with a sense of humor on our side.

Banner photos include the world, a spider web, & chaos images: butterfly, fractal, fractal in nature, rain drops.

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